Obama said about the underestimation of disinformation and cyber attacks

US President Barack Obama in an interview to ABC said that was most underestimated as misinformation and cyberslam may affect “open” us system.

To a journalist’s question, underestimated the head of the US Russian President Vladimir Putin, Obama said that he initially gave a correct assessment of his Russian counterpart.

“I don’t think I underestimated him, but I guess I underestimated to what extent this new information age there is a possibility of misinformation, cyber attacks and other actions to influence our open society, our open system, by interfering in our democratic practices, making it faster,” — said the American leader.

“If we are not vigilant, then foreign countries will have the opportunity to influence political debate in the United States in ways that could not be possible 10, 20, 30 years ago, partly because of the way transmission of news and partly due to the fact that more and more people are skeptical of major news organizations, who say that all truth or all lies,” he added.

He stressed that recently in the USA there is a trend that the Republicans, experts and journalists who act in the public space, Express more sympathy to Russian President Vladimir Putin than for their compatriots in the political sphere because they are Democrats.

“It should not be”, — said Obama, adding that this situation is causing him anxiety.

In an interview with ABC News, an excerpt from which the TV station published a day earlier, on 7 January, the US President stressed that Russia “had planned to intervene” and “interfere” in the election of the President of the United States.

January 6, the national US intelligence presented the report, which has formally accused Russia of meddling in the US elections of 2016. Results of the study of intelligence has reviewed the US President-elect Donald trump. Meeting with heads of intelligence he has recognized constructive. Directly to the question, whether he agrees with the results of the report, he did not answer, but his assistant, the future chief of staff of the White house staff Raines Priebus said that the new administration will take measures against Russia in connection with accusations of cyber attacks and the intervention in the elections.