Oil production in Russia in 2016 rose to a record 547,5 million tons

Moscow. 2 Jan. The volume of oil and gas condensate in Russia in 2016, up 2.5% compared with the same period in 2015 and amounted to 547,499 million tonnes (10,965 million barrels per day). Such data are contained in the operational summary of the fgbi “CDU TEK”.

However, note that in February of 2016 was 1 day more than in February 2015

In December last year, Russia produced 47,402 million tons (+3,7% compared to December 2015). The daily average oil production last month reached 11,208 million barrels.

As reported, Rosneft in mid-October I bought 50,0755% of shares of “Bashneft”, but “CDU TEK” in statistics for the year still account for the extraction of “Bashneft” separately.

So, NK “Rosneft” for the year got 189,707 million tons of oil (December 16,131 million tonnes), LUKOIL – 82,999 million tonnes (7,126 million tons), Surgutneftegaz – 61,849 million tonnes (5,306 million tonnes), “Gazprom oil” – 37,761 million tons (3,384 million tonnes), Tatneft – 28,686 million tonnes (2,601 million tonnes), Slavneft – million tonnes 15,001 (1,259 million tonnes), Bashneft – 21,380 million tonnes (1,842 MT)RussNeft – 7 million tons (in December – 0,624 million tonnes).

According to the “CDU TEK”, enterprises with Russian capital and joint ventures with foreign investments in 2016 was produced 76,794 million tons of raw materials (December to 6,851 million metric tons). “CDU TEK” does not separate data for “Gazprom”, noting that they are included in “other companies” design.

Operators PSA last year produced 15,991 million tons of hydrocarbons (December 1,433 million tonnes).