The ruling party of Poland decided not to limit the work of the media in Parliament

The ruling party of Poland “Law and justice” under the pressure of opposition parties announced the decision to abandon plans to limit access of reporters to meetings of the Parliament, reports Reuters.

This was stated today by the Marshal (speaker) of the upper chamber of the Polish Parliament Stanislaw Karchevsky. “We made the decision to return to the old rules, we’re not going to change,” he said.

In December 2016, the party “Law and justice” proposed to restrict the access of journalists to the sittings of Parliament. The new rules of work of journalists in the Seimas, which were to take effect from 1 January 2017, planned to limit the presence of journalists in the main building of the Parliament with the exception of those who are accredited as special correspondents (no more than two from the editor). The rest of the media proposed to limit the stay in the territory of the press center organized in another building.

This proposal led to the indefinite sit-in by opposition parties. The strike began on 16 December, the last time in 2016 sessions of the Seimas, which was planned discussion and adoption of the budget in 2017. Deputies blocked access to the presidency and the outputs of the hall.

However, the ruling party in five hours after the start of the sit-in brought the discussion document to another hall which was not equipped with electronic voting system. The new budget was adopted with the participation of 236 deputies (234 voted in favor, 2 against) with the required quorum of 230 votes. In addition, at this meeting was adopted the law on reduction of pensions to former employees of power structures.

Representatives of the opposition party “Civic platform”, “Nowoczesna” and the Polish peasant party refused to participate in the vote and accused the ruling party that the meeting, during which were adopted, these documents are held illegally.

During the new year holidays, the deputies of the opposition continued to block a conference room, replacing each other to provide a continuous blocking of the presidency, Reuters reports.

The leader of the ruling Polish party “Law and justice” Jaroslaw Kaczynski had previously described the opposition’s actions “illegal” and said they would lead to “the great disaster”, noted Reuters.

The interior Minister of Poland Mariusz Blascak also said that the opposition had taken “illegal attempt to seize power”.