The Communist party called on MPs not to violate the rules of discipline from Volodina

Reshulsky called on his colleagues in the Communist party to maintain discipline in the Duma, speaking at a meeting of the Communist faction on Tuesday, January 10. “I ask everyone not to flirt with the initiatives in the discipline that were introduced [in the house],” said the coordinator of the faction, reports .

“We have received a request from the Council’s management] on two of our comrades. One was at the meeting on 2 December and another in another still,” he continued. According to him, the faction reported that both the MP was on sick leave.

“But you have to understand that this monitoring will continue,” warned Reshulsky.

“We need to maintain the proper roll that is associated with an increase in discipline,” — supported his colleague in the faction Deputy Vladimir Kashin.

At the initiative of Volodin in the Duma was introduced compulsory attendance of meetings of the state Duma — for truancy MPs face fines.

As reported , the monitoring of discipline like not all deputies from all factions expressed dissatisfaction with the new regulations of the Duma, introduced with the arrival of Volodina. On December 8, members of the Communist party Tamara Pletnev and Faith Gansa expressed dissatisfaction with the prolonged plenary session of the state Duma and stated the need to “feed men”.