Volodin spoke about the failure of the deputies of utilities for a few months

As the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin on Tuesday, January 10, at the briefing, some MPs did not pay for municipal services in service housing for several months. At a meeting of the state Duma Council the speaker instructed the parties to make lists of deputies who do not pay for municipal services in service housing.

“We will do the analysis and truants, and debtors for communal. Moreover, some of such income, and not pay the rent. We discussed this today on the Council: each faction will [make] a list and will announce it, so as not to disgrace neither the fraction nor the Duma nor the title of Deputy”, — said Volodin in response to the question .

He said that we are talking about MPs who sat last to convene and pereizbrali in the new, retaining official accommodation, but not paying debts for utilities “for a few months.”

The speaker had not given the total amount of debt nor the number of debtors. The representative of the Duma confirmed that the Council of the lower chamber was assigned each of the four factions to make such a list and pass them to the Committee on rules, but “while the final list”.

Volodin said that it is still two deputies of the previous convocation has not checked out their service apartments. As of yesterday, as reported to journalists on the eve of Mikhail Romanov of the Duma Committee on regulations, there were three. “This morning, already two,” said Volodin, adding that left former MP from the Communist party Mikhail Fill and ex-the Deputy from LDPR Vladimir Taskaev.

“All [the MPs] have been provided to apartments. But we have 50 people live in hotels, and [some] sometimes it is like [to live in hotels]. We agreed today that on the factions will be given below within three days of the hotel to pass and move to [special] housing,” — said the speaker.