The defense Ministry responded to reports of dangerous rapprochement of planes in Syria

Russian pilots in Syria act professionally and observe all necessary security measures. This was stated by the official representative of Russian defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov, commenting on reports that the fault of the Russian pilots in Syria occur dangerous rapprochement with the American aircraft, which can lead to emergency situations.

“The Russian pilots regularly remind the American and other allied pilots in the skies of Syria that they are not alone and not invisible. If you do this, our pilots are very professional, observing all security measures”, — quotes Konashenkov, “RIA Novosti”.

The representative of the Russian Ministry stressed that during the regular video link-UPS between the Pentagon and the Ministry of defense concerning the prevention of incidents in the skies over Syria, the American side has not declared such claims to the Russian pilots. In this regard, Konashenkov questioned the fact that the statements about the dangerous approaches are sincere and have suggested that this is part of “Russophobic farewell performance of” the outgoing administration of President Barack Obama.

Konashenkov also said that the Americans “are often impossible to find on the other side of the hot line”, created in Qatar to discuss the contentious issue of the situation in Syria. If this line was used more often and on purpose, that the US “would not have to invent non-existent problems,” concluded the representative of the Ministry of defense.

On Tuesday, January 10, the newspaper the Wall Street Journal reported that American pilots complaining about the dangerous actions of the Russian fighters in the skies over Syria. On this edition of the commander of the 380 th expeditionary wing U.S. air force Brigadier General Charles Corcoran, who was himself involved in combat missions. According to him, the Russian pilots “rarely change the course” and “rarely meet in the air, if not answer, because of what Americans have to Dodge. “We don’t know what they see and if you can see anything at all, we don’t want them crashed into one of us,” said Corcoran.

The article also stated that in connection with the current situation of high-ranking officials of the Pentagon insist on raising the level of communication and coordination between the armed forces of the United States and Russia.

In October 2015, Deputy defense Minister of Russia Anatoly Antonov announced the signing of a Memorandum regulating the actions of the American and Russian aircraft and drones in the airspace over Syria. The Pentagon confirmed this information, noting that Russia and the US agreed on the safe distance between the planes of the two countries.

In July 2016, after a video conference between representatives of the defense ministries of Russia and the United States, the defense Ministry said that both sides noted the high efficiency of a Memorandum of understanding to ensure the safety of aviation.