The state Duma has supported the decriminalization battery

“Motivation for beating different”

Speaking in support of the bill, Senator Elena Mizulina stressed that “punishment must not contradict the system of social values.” According to her, “slapping act” violated the principle of proportionality [of punishment], intra-family assault on the degree of danger become more threatening than beating other people”. Mizulina sure decriminalization beatings “will protect the family from unwarranted invasion” and protect the “traditional family.”

In turn, member of the legislation Committee, co-author of the law Deputy Olga batalina (“United Russia”) said that the envisaged amendments to administrative punishment “is also quite hard”: a fine of up to 30 thousand rubles., administrative arrest up to 15 days, or compulsory work up to 120 hours. However, she added that the adoption of the law is to equalize punishment for all the beating, because “the motivation for the beating is different”.

MP Oksana Pushkina (“United Russia”) called before the adoption of the law in the second reading to organize in the state Duma a round table with participation of experts and lawyers to discuss the document, Recalling that according to the interior Ministry “every year, 600 thousand women in Russia are exposed to domestic violence”.

Yuri Sinelnikov (Communist party) said that the Communists will abstain from voting for the amendment. According to him, after the adoption of the law is not “will not bear criminal responsibility of the father who in a drunken stupor, threw his seven-month-old son, who escaped with minor injuries”, but will be punished for “spanking” the man who thus shouted different ideological slogans.

And spravoross Oleg Nilov said that it is necessary “even for a slap or clout to attract much harder than it is now, not to mention the bruises”. “The speaker said that the bruise heals. And someone in this room went a week with a bruise?” the MP added.


Made last year by a group of deputies and senators amend the criminal code to exclude the “close persons” from the list, for a fight which will Shine criminal article. After the adoption of the law on the 116th article of the criminal code (“beating”) will be punished only for minor beating on motives of political, racial, religious or social hatred.

Under current law, assault committed outside the family and not resulting in serious bodily injury, shall be punished as an administrative offence. Beating the “close persons” shall be punished immediately according to the Criminal code (article 116 of the criminal code) — punishable by up to two years of imprisonment.

In accordance with the amendments, only the first case of a family quarrel by force will be punished as an administrative offence. If the same person had already been engaged for such an administrative offence, do it again, the punishment he will face in the Criminal code.

About the necessity of decriminalization of battery stated in the summer of 2015 Senator Elena Mizulina. Previously, the President signed the law on decriminalization of a beating brawl in the family is not taken out of criminal law. Because of the serious public outcry in the Duma decided not to support the initiative of Mizulina, and to make “legally more nuanced” document, reported batalina.