Tillerson had tied the “aggression” of Russia and the weakness of American diplomacy

Businessman Rex Tillerson proposed by Donald trump to head the state Department, said that the origins of the Ukrainian crisis and the cooling of relations between Russia and the West are in a weak US foreign policy. According to him, the apathy of Washington and the lack of a quick reliable response “gave the Kremlin the wrong signal”.

In return, the us had immediately after the Crimean events to launch a military support for Ukraine, to avoid further crisis in the Donbass — Russia, according to the politician, understands the power and hoped for such a response. This statement Tillerson made during the hearings in the U.S. Senate January 11 approval of his nomination at the head of the state Department. The meeting will continue on January 12.

Tillerson reported to senators about his vision of the role of the United States. In his view, Washington remains the world’s only superpower with a “moral compass” for the whole world. For the United States, according to Tillerson, Russia is a threat, but Moscow’s actions “are not unpredictable”.

“The fact that Russian is a very strategic thinking, they always have a plan. — continued Tillerson. — If you look from the side, to understand their long-term motivation, you will notice that they follow a certain course.” The program of Moscow for many years, according to the politician, is the restoration of its role on the world stage after the abolition of the USSR.

“However, while Russia is looking for its place in the world, its recent actions are in conflict with the interests of the United States,” — said Tillerson, refusing to recognize the annexation of Crimea to Russia legitimate.

Speaking about hacker attacks, Tillerson said that he did not yet have access to classified information and refrains from assessments of the role that was played by Moscow. Any sanctions for this reason should be carefully considered and weighed.

A similar position Tillerson takes on the question of existing sanctions against Russia. Responding to accusations that he, as head of the oil Corporation ExxonMobil, opposed the restrictions, Tillerson said: sanctions are a good diplomatic tool, but they must be designed in such a way as not to hit American businesses.

Answering the question about the actions of the Russian army (since the siege of Grozny, ending with the siege of Aleppo), Tillerson refused to name the Russian leader Vladimir Putin a “war criminal.” However, he acknowledged that Russia for the United States now falls into the category of “antagonists unfriendly” (unfriendly adversary), but the cooperation with Moscow in a number of areas necessary for American interests.

At the beginning of the Senate hearings, recommendations were presented four politicians in favor of candidates Tillerson. These are two of the Senator from Texas (Republican Ted Cruz and John cronyn), an ex-Senator from Georgia, Democrat Sam Nunn and former head of the Pentagon Robert gates.

In contrast to Texas senators, the last two guarantors paid a lot of attention in Russia. Ex-Senator Nunn noted that Russians and Americans have different values, but the two powers should work together to curb the threat of terrorism and nuclear war. Ex-defense Secretary gates emphasized: “we Need to find the fine line between the politics of confrontation to the Russian aggression and intervention, and between trying to save our bilateral relationship from sliding in a downward spiral”. Having international experience and good knowledge of Russia, Tillerson able to lead American diplomacy, says Nunn.

The last 11 years (from 1 January 2006 and 1 January 2017) Tillerson the CEO of ExxonMobil, one of the world’s largest oil corporations. As of 11 January, its market capitalization reaches $350 billion revenue in 2015 amounted to nearly $260 billion.

Not being the owner, and the Manager Tillerson ExxonMobil received an annual salary of approximately $3 million, including bonuses, stock awards and pension accruals total income Tillerson in 2015 amounted to $27.3 million.

For a businessman Exxon was still the only place to work. The company he joined as an engineer in 1975, right after graduation from the University of Texas. Over the next 15 years he was promoted to head of production at the U.S. market. Subsequently he worked in Yemen, and at the end of the 1990s was responsible for the Russian business Exxon (1999 — ExxonMobil).

The US President-elect Donald trump called Tillerson as its candidate for the post of Secretary on 13 December 2016. Cavalier of the Russian order of Friendship, the businessman personally knows the Russian leader Vladimir Putin since at least 2005 and has a long-standing business ties with Rosneft Corporation. Tillerson also known as a staunch critic of anti-Russian sanctions: freezing of ExxonMobil projects in Russia cost the company, according to its estimates, about $1 billion.