Trump called on the security services to avoid the appearance of “fake news”

The US President-elect Donald trump criticized the publication, which referred to the alleged presence in Moscow of the dirt on him.

“Intelligence was never supposed to leak a “fake news”. This is the last shot at me. Do we live in Nazi Germany?” — wrote billionaire in his Twitter.

About Russia dirt on trump before reported CNN, citing several sources familiar with the contents of the briefings. BuzzFeed later published a dossier, which was allegedly compiled by a former agent of British intelligence MI-6. It reveals the essence of incriminating material, which, according to the publication, is at the disposal of the Russian authorities.

After the publication of this information, trump once again stated that he had no ties with Russia

“Russia has never tried to use the levers of pressure on me. I have no Russia no business, no transactions, loans, nothing!”, — wrote to the US President-elect in his Twitter.

Trump also angered by the fact that his opponents are trying “to belittle the victory [in the presidential election in the United States] with the help of fake news”.

According to CNN, information about the presence of incriminating information on trump was obtained from a former employee of British intelligence, which American officials consider a reliable source. He received this information from the Russians, according to the channel. According to CNN, this information was presented in a secret report and current President Barack Obama and the Tramp. The FBI, as reported by the channel, verifies the authenticity of these details.

BuzzFeed published a report which says that the Kremlin five years ago, began to support the Trump. Allegedly close to the Tramp source, who was involved in his trips to Russia, the billionaire invited prostitutes to the presidential Suite in the hotel “Ritz-Carlton” during his visit to Moscow. From the published data follows that the FSB is bugged and hidden cameras in hotel rooms.

BuzzFeed has said that he could neither confirm nor deny the authenticity of the document.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, commenting on this information, stated that they “do not correspond to reality and is nothing other than absolute fiction”. He argues that Moscow does not collect dirt, and the publication of such information — not that other, as “attempt to hurt bilateral relations”. The trump also denied that Russia has dirt on him.