Trump said about the responsibility of Russia for hacker attack

Relations with Russia

The first since July last year, press conference of Donald trump is to Trump Tower in new York. At the beginning, made the future of the press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer, who accused BuzzFeed and CNN in the publication of false information about trump and about alleged Russian authorities the dirt on the future President. Trump said that this material was not supposed to be published and thanked the media, which acted against this “fake” news. Trump declined to discuss his meeting with the secret services, where he was informed about the presence of this file. “It’s a shame that this information came out. It’s all made up news,” said trump.

In the first part of the press conference asked questions concerning only the relationship of the tramp with Russia, including its relation to hacker attacks on American servers, which the outgoing President Barack Obama has accused Russian authorities. “I think it was Russia, but I think we are exposed to hacker attacks from other countries. We have a lot of hacker attacks,” said trump. He said that recently met with leading representatives of the computer industry and will be developed security system. According to him, the national Committee of the Democratic party was open to attacks because they were not properly protected.

Trump thanked the Russian authorities for the fact that they denied the information published by BuzzFeed. Earlier Tuesday, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin has no dirt on elected President of the United States, and his rival at the last presidential election, Hillary Clinton. Published on the eve of the BuzzFeed report on the dirt on trump Sands described as “another fake”.

Commented on trump and his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. “I hope we’ll get along. But there is a considerable likelihood that it will not work <…> If Putin said that he highly appreciates me, is an asset, not a liability”, he said.

Trump drew attention to the fact that he has not had any transactions in Russia.

In the papers published BuzzFedd it was reported that the trump was under surveillance in a Moscow hotel. He said that he always warns his employees to be careful in hotels, as in any country they may be under surveillance.

The President

At the beginning of the press conference, trump thanked the American car companies for their intention to build new plants in the USA. He also said that the country needs to return and pharmaceutical factories. He repeated his campaign promise to revise the health care reform adopted by Presidenta Barack Obama.

Trump also intends to build a wall on the border with Mexico. A neighboring country in one form or another will pay for it, assured trump. A day earlier, Mexico’s foreign Ministry stated that it will not Finance the construction.

Told trump about the upcoming January 20 inauguration. It will be a beautiful and elegant event, he promised.