Rosstat called advancers more likely in 2016 products

The increase in consumer prices for products in Russia to 2016 was below the level of inflation: it amounted to only 4.6 versus 5.4%, the message of Rosstat.

Stronger just from the food products, the prices of which are monitored by Rosstat, last year rose butter. For the year, retail prices increased by 20.5%, whereas other dairy products rose an average of only 9.5%.

Third place in the food “anti-rating” took the fish and seafood has risen in price on average by 8.6%. In addition, the faster the average pace for the growing prices of cereals and alcoholic beverages (6.4 percent) and bread and bakery products (plus 5.9 percent). Pasta for the year rose 4.5%, sunflower oil — by 3.4%, meat — by 1.6%.

To restrain the rise in food inflation has helped lower prices for sugar (for the year they fell by 6%), eggs (minus 0.7%) and, most importantly, vegetables and fruits. At year-end prices for fruits and vegetables fell by an average of 6.8%.

At the end of 2016 the prices of vegetables and fruits went up. In December 2016, fruits and vegetables have risen in price an average 0.9%, and cucumbers — from 23.7%. Besides, prices for fresh tomatoes rose in December by 8.3%, grape rose 5.3%, potatoes — by 3.1%, eggs — by 2.2%, beet — by 1.4%.

The national average cost of a minimum food package for 2016 rose only by 3.5%, amounting to slightly more than 3.7 thousand. the Biggest cost of the food basket recorded by Rosstat in Chukotka (9204,1 RUB), the smallest — in the Kursk region (2999,8 RUB). In Moscow cost of the minimum set of products grew by 5% (to RUB 4447,8).

Among food products prices increased the most in 2016, tobacco products, adding in price at 17.8 per cent. In addition, the three most rapidly rising in price of goods entered shoes (plus 9.2 percent) and fabric (plus 7.6 percent).