The Kremlin has expressed readiness “to patiently explain” United States position on the Crimea

Moscow has taken note of the position of the future Secretary of state Rex Tillerson in the Crimea, but cannot accept it. The journalists said the press Secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the statement Tillerson that the recognition of the Crimea part of Russia is possible only taking into account the interests of Ukraine, reports TASS.

“We do not agree with such formulations and will arguments to explain their position,” — said Peskov, noting that the Kremlin “takes note of” the position of Tillerson and “will continue to patiently explain [USA] the essence of this question.”

Press Secretary of the President has also decided to refuse to review regarding the Tillerson’s statement that Kiev should provide “defensive weapons” to protect themselves from Russia. “I would leave this without a response,” — said Peskov, explaining that the Russian authorities will “to explain to the Secretary of state Tillerson all relevant issues as soon as they have it will appear”.

Sands suggested that “mutual respect in Russian-American relations” under the new administration in Washington “should be much more.” Press Secretary of the head of state pointed out that “respect can only be mutual, one-sided, it can not be”.

The day before, speaking in the Senate, a candidate for Secretary of state USA Rex Tillerson stated that “the seizure of foreign territory” Russia needs to give a hard answer. He explained that the answer must be that to realize that to conquer new territories will not work.

While Tillerson said that the only way in which the United States can recognize the annexation of Crimea to Russia is “a broader agreement that respects the interests of the Ukrainian people”.

The US President-elect Donald trump called the head of the oil company ExxonMobil Rex Tillerson as their candidate for the post of head of the Department of state 13 December 2016. Tillerson is a knight of the Russian order of Friendship, at least since 2005 personally acquainted with Putin and has a long-standing business ties with Rosneft. In addition, Tillerson criticized the anti-Russian sanctions, as due to the freezing of projects in Russia ExxonMobil, according to his calculations, lost about $1 billion.