The popular front before the election will involve inspections of active citizens

New projects

Russian popular front (onf) is preparing to launch in 2017 of about ten new projects, hoping to attract the participation of active citizens. “As for the presidential movement it is important to raise the concerned citizens, to enhance this asset that will be in demand during the presidential campaign,” said a source close to the leadership of the popular front. According to him, participation in the projects “will improve not only public and civil and political activity of the people.”

The decision that the onf should extend the project activities was taken at a meeting of the Central headquarters of the Front at the end of December 2016. For example, the project “Social standards”, said a source in the onf, involves the development of an index of quality and availability of services in the regions based on the analysis of statistical data in education, medicine, environment, security.

The project “national assessment of the quality of social services” implies that the level of service in those or other social institutions will be evaluated by citizens. The project “Green shield” will be aimed at the preservation and development of forest parks inside the cities, says the source.

Update old

A number of existing projects will be updated. In particular, the project “Dead road”, whose main task is to oversee the expenditure of budgetary funds in the road sector is divided into two areas.

The first direction involves the appearance on the website of the popular front of a special section where citizens can report poor roads in their regions. At the same time, told the onf, will run the voting mechanism for the selection of roads needing repair in the first place. The processed data will be sent to the relevant authorities on the ground.

The second area is the development of a mobile app “Yandex. Tube”, which, according to the interlocutor in the onf, “every motorist will be able to indicate where the holes, open hatches and other obstacles that impede traffic.”

A certain number of signals about a particular obstacle information will automatically be made in the complaint, that the Front will be sent to the relevant services in the regions. To launch mobile application is scheduled for April.

earlier it was informed that to consider the creation of new projects that might emerge before the presidential election, the popular front was assigned the first Deputy head of the presidential administration Sergei Kiriyenko. He expressed wishes that it was the projects, “the results of which people could touch, read, have understood that a project exists not somewhere far away, and next to them”. In particular, Kiriyenko was asked to think about the development of the “veterans” of new social standards concerning the quality of life of Russians.

According to the head of the Executive Committee of the popular front Alexey Anisimov, all projects will be of an applied nature and will be aimed “at improving the quality of life of citizens, that is, here and now.” “These projects can be involved and active citizens, volunteers, NGOs. People who are willing to participate in the life of their region, city, courtyard, quite a lot,” said Anisimov .

Co-Chairman of the Central headquarters of the popular front Alexander Brechalov said that, despite the emergence of new projects already in place — for example, “For fair procurement” — will not be phased out. “The onf many projects that will contribute to the involvement of active citizens,” he said.

Preparations for the elections

“The presidential campaign, which will begin in 2017, will be a logical continuation of projects,” adds a source close to the leadership of the popular front.

Political analyst Dmitry Orlov said that now the question is on what base will be generated campaign headquarters, what is their structural basis: “I think it [the intention to involve in the projects of active citizens] — an attempt to form a post structure.”

To attract people, he said, onf can two advantages. First — direct communication with the President, who meets regularly with “veterans” on the forums of the popular front and the second is the function of social control. “The current leadership of the political block of the Kremlin believes that the activities of the onf should be involved volunteers and volunteers. Accordingly, during the campaign, we can attract them to the headquarters.” Thus, the apparatus-technological work which can be carried out, for example, on the basis of “United Russia”, will be combined with the mobilization of supporters on the basis of the popular front, the expert concludes.