The public Council will be updated on a three quarter

Update chamber

The next convening of the Public chamber (OP) Russia can be renewed for three quarters, said on Thursday, January 12, Secretary of the organization, Alexander Brechalov. According to him, “it would be right if the chamber is made up of 70-75%”.

“I would like to see in the new structure people who have done a lot during these two and a half years. Is Iosif Diskin, Vladimir Slepak, Diana Gurtskaya, Vyacheslav Bocharov, Igor Shpektor. Many can call, but these people were super-efficient”, — added the Secretary OP. He said that the outgoing members of the current convocation can continue to work with the chamber without the status of a member.

Three stages

The order of the President about formation of a new composition OP the members of the house expect in February this year, said Brechalov. Around June to be held the first plenary session of new convocation.

The new composition of the OP will be formed in three stages, said Brechalov. “First quota “specified”, the presidential is 40 people. Another 85 people — from the subjects of the Russian Federation. In 13 areas — three people, one direction — four people. What direction will define a working group of current members, representatives of entities and people proposed by the President”, — said the Secretary OP. Third, the quota will be selected by community members, which will be held in the chamber on the first two.

Who can go to the chamber under the presidential quota, Brechalov said.

Online voting will not

The new composition will be created without the Internet voting, which was used in previous elections in the OP, reminded reporters Brechalov.

In the previous composition of the public chamber, which was formed in 2014, had 43 member of the public selected by online vote. At the end of December last year, the President signed a law changing the procedure of forming the OP. According to the authors of the document Deputy Dmitry Vyatkin (“United Russia”) and Sergey Gavrilov (KOFIU), the procedure of online voting was a sham, and the mechanism was vulnerable — he was allowed to do the cheat votes.

The dissatisfaction of the authors of the bill changing the voting procedure in the OP was the fact that in Russia there is equal access to the Internet: the Russians of the older generation, the representatives of public organizations of the disabled Network often do not enjoy, and therefore can not participate in the formation of the chamber, told deputies. Internet voting has caused conflicts in some regions, reminded the authors of the project.

Without Brechalov

He Brechalov intends to stay in the room. “I’ve always talked about the rotation and turnover. No matter how much we spent brainstorming, over time, there is narrow-mindedness. We need people who will give a new impulse, — said the acting Secretary OP. — I put forward after consultation with the President of “OPORA Russia”. There are a lot of decent people who can enter into Public chamber. And for the Secretary of Commerce three years — more than enough to implement the planned initiatives”.