Cellular operators have started to offer microloans

“VympelCom” (Beeline brand) offers customers to get instant loan at the rate from 3 thousand to 15 thousand rubles. the Operator has carried out its customer base SMS, a notification of “a convenient way to quickly get money.” To tools like phone and Bank card.

Still, “VimpelCom” offered to customers to recharge using the service “Trustee payment” (for example, the cost of “activate” promised payment in the amount of 500 RUB is 50 RUB.).

The company confirmed that at the end of 2016 was placed on the website information about the service microloans. The representative of “VimpelCom” stated that this service has not himself the operator, and his partner — LLC “ICC Your Success” (the brand “Just Credit 24”). “The purpose of “VimpelCom” is to stimulate consumption of communication services through the replenishment of a subscriber account of the client”, — said the representative of “VimpelCom”. Other terms of the contract with “ICC Your Success” the company did not name, citing confidentiality.

Micro-loans for any purpose are issued at 2% per day for a period of 7 to 30 days, to information on the website of “VimpelCom”.

Microfinance is a new product to market, potentially it is very interesting to recognize the interviewed experts. The number of active subscribers of VimpelCom in the third quarter of 2016 58.1 million, said the company. For comparison, according to the Central Bank, three quarter of 2016 MFIs concluded with physical persons of 4.99 million microloan contracts. The average full cost of loans of up to 30 thousand rubles for up to 30 days without collateral is 596,4%, according to data of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Almost simultaneously with the “VimpelCom” began to give their subscribers the microcredit MTS. As the representative of the cellular operator, at the beginning of December 2016 MTS was to do it in the framework of the pilot. Subscribers can receive a small amount for the refill on the phone as the communications services and other services of mobile Commerce. Lending volumes in the MTS did not disclose, calling them “small”.

“In the larger stage of the project will be included in the spring of this year, microcredit will be one of the functions of a single application to financial services under the brand MTS,” said MTS.

In late August, the newspaper “Vedomosti” reported that microloans MTS will be credited to the virtual credit card on mobile, which is supposed to support the contactless payment technology NFC (Near Field Communications).

MTS are unable Tuesday, January 10, to clarify who provide a similar service through partner MFIs or related MTS Bank.

The third member of the “big three” — “Megaphone” — has not yet entered the market of microcredit. The “MegaFon” company provides micro-loans, said a company representative. Another operator — Tele2 — is now analyzing the demand for microcredit among its customers, said the company.

Cooperation with mobile operators, microfinance institutions may be “probing” of new markets, and marketing strategy experiment, consider two people on the Telecom market. In their opinion, the interest of IFIs and other companies that provide loans for mobile operators — large database of potential customers. The interlocutors do not exclude that under the terms of the cooperation, mobile operators can get from their affiliates commissions on sales of credit products.

According to the Director of service online loans “Robot Timer” Sergey Sedov, the main advantages of mobile loans — convenience design and an impressive base of potential borrowers. “These factors are already enough to consider such projects are potentially serious competitors for traditional microfinance companies,” he says. However, one of the likely scenarios for the development of such projects Sedov calls fast enough start due to the availability of services for subscribers.

The success of the service will depend on the effectiveness of the scoring algorithms, as well as from the correct client for the promotion, says Director of products of the company MoneyMan Andrew Sicko. Sedov added that the proposal considers loans to customers of operators in a transitional stage in the integration of all accounts and wallets of every person.

Mobile operators, leaving with the assistance of partners for the microlending market is likely to test in your market, adds chief expert Frank Research Dmitry Tarasov. “In fact, for correct assessment of risks, they have enough of their data sets, however, they may cautiously enter the market to minimize losses,” he says. Tarasov recalls that banks are still very cautious increasing consumer crediting. “Cooperation with IFIs can help mobile operators solve the issue of increasing sales of equipment,” he added.

The operators confirm that they are ready to expand cooperation with MFIs. “In the future we do not exclude the new website and other organizations loans to individuals”, — said the representative of “VimpelCom”.