New rules of construction will allow commercial development of the lands of RAS

Rules of land use and development (PHC), which the city authorities intend in the first half of 2017, will build commercial facilities on the territory of some institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It follows from the materials of the PHC project.

PHC was developed by the city authorities in 2016. They divided Moscow into territorial zones, and prescribe for them the parameters of the permitted development: what objects can appear on the site, what height, area, etc. the easier to obtain construction permits and legalize previously accepted controversial projects. In December, the land use and development rules with the scandals went public hearings. New version of the document taking into account the observations of the residents needs to be developed by the end of January. On the basis of the rules will be adjusted to the General plan of Moscow.

Offices and housing

Portion of the wounds included in the list of territorial zones for which land use and development rules set specific parameters for development. For example, to plot at the address: Nakhimovsky prospect, 36, on which is located the Institute of Oceanology P. p. Shirshov, spelled out the possibility of building of 40 thousand square meters, including 10 thousand square meters under the ground. The maximum permitted height of new building — up to 75 m. According to the land use and development rules, the site can accommodate not only scientific organization, but also office space, business centers, commercial, Parking.

Deputy Director of the Institute of Oceanology of the RAS property management Huseyn Hajiyev said that a few years ago, the Institute has concluded the investment contract on the construction of office space, some of which would have gone to the investor, part — scientific organizations. The project was confirmed and received the town-planning plan of land plot (gpzu), but then had problems. “A lot of times, legislation was changed in Moscow was replaced by the mayor stopped the work on coordination of project and pre-project works. In the end it was the duration of the investment contract, and the government doesn’t really want them to renew,” he said.

Offices, business centers and catering establishments are also listed as permitted uses for the parcel at the address: Profsoyuznaya ulitsa, 65, where the Institute of control Sciences. The draft land use and development rules stipulates that the “architectural city planning solution of a capital construction facility is subject to mandatory review by the Architectural Council of Moscow”. In management the IPM said that the Institute did not dispose of the buildings and plots that are given to him for use.

For Institute of metallurgy and materials science A. A. Baykova on Leninsky Prospekt in the possibility of placing business incubators, technology parks for small and medium-sized businesses.

According to the public cadastral map, there can also be built shopping facilities. The density of development in PHC is not installed, height — not more than 15 m.

In the project referred to PHC and reconstruction of the Institute of automation and design, located in the center, on the 2nd Brestskaya street. The area of the object may grow almost twice, up to 2.8 thousand sqm, on a plot of allowed hotel facilities.

On the site at the following address: Nakhimovsky prospect, 47, where is the Central economic and mathematical Institute of RAS, planned construction of a new academic building with an area of 3840 sq. m. Maximum plot ratio area is not installed.

One of the types of objects allowed in the specified residential complexes. In addition, the Institute of biomedical problems (RAS Khoroshevskoye shosse, 76A), according to the draft rules of construction, the planned construction of a new nine-storey housing and transformer substations.

Portion of the wounds included in the list of areas subject to comprehensive development, parameters for development which is not defined. Among them, the Physical Institute. P. N. Lebedev, Institute of molecular biology. V. A. Engelhardt Institute of General physics. A. N. Prokhorov, Institute of problems of ecology and evolution them. A. N. Severtsev Institute of biochemistry and physiology of microorganisms them. G. K. Skryabin Institute of computational mathematics.

“Golden rod”

In a press-service of Federal Agency of scientific organizations (FANO) explained that urban planning regulations in rural areas, installed the PHC will be required to comply with all the owners and tenants of the plots. But the organization ran may send to the city authorities its proposals on the draft master plan. “The possibility of withdrawal of land from subordinate FANO Russian organization is excluded”, — said the press service.

What is a FANO

FANO was established and given the right property management RAS in 2013, after the adoption of the law on the reform of the Academy. This caused protests on the part of researchers. Some scientists feared that the state, having the right of management of property of scientific organizations, will begin to earn on it and “learn” resources. In early 2014 President of Russia Vladimir Putin has imposed an annual moratorium on the use of property of the RAS, which has twice extended for another year. In early 2016 the President of the Academy Vladimir Fortov, asking for the extension of the embargo to the end of the three-year reform of the RAS, said that the property “has lined up a crowd of hunters.” The press service of the FANO said it is unknown whether the moratorium was extended this year.

In a press-service of the RAS said they would not comment on property issues.

For three days the press service of the mayor and the Moscow construction complex have not answered the questions .

Member of the Board of the Society for scientific workers Irina Saprykina said that the question of the fate of territories of RAS after the adoption of the PHC was raised at the annual meeting of the FANO in December. “I was asked a question from the audience [the head of the FANO Michael] Katukovo and other members of the Bureau, but no answer. Representatives of FANO said will monitor the situation,” said Saprykin.

According to her, the list of areas intended for development included areas of more than 50 organizations of RAS, which constitute the “Golden rod of the Russian science”. “These lands are not redundant, they correspond to the development plans of the institutions,” said Saprykin. The scientific community fears that the areas will be given over to commercial purposes, and institutions will have to move, said Saprykin.

The territory ahead

Head of research at Cushman & Wakefield Denis Sokolov said that if the plans are approved, land research organizations will be able to rent out commercial land. Today, their commercial potential is not very high, in the capital and so empty of 3 million sq m of office space, but in a few years the situation may change.

“Ideally, we need to reconstruct the objects with increasing areas or build new ones to form clusters. For example, in the Institute of engineering to build an office for auto companies,” — said Sokolov.

According to him, many Sri surrendered its lease in the early 1990s, the first Moscow commercial offices. In 2000-ies formed the modern office market, and after 2008 the state of the organization, including research, again began to take their “square”.

Ex-head NIIPI of the General Plan Sergey Tkachenko believes that scientists don’t wonder fear that they will have to “move”, especially from the South-West and West administrative districts, which are areas of active commercial development.

“In Soviet times, the Institute was given the territory of “stock” for further development, the construction of new buildings. Some of them are still in 1970-e years tried to “use” the land. Then it was banned, then got rampant practice,” — said Tkachenko.