Shuvalov called the possible cancellation term contracti

First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov called the period of possible cancellation of the counter-sanctions imposed by Russia. He did not rule out that they may be cancelled 31 December in the event of a thaw in relations with the West, the correspondent .

“But I guess it’s time to understand that the sanctions will soon expire. Or contractee. Anyway, in my work, I and the Minister of agriculture and Minister of the economy, most likely, must proceed from the fact that counter-sanctions will be lifted,” — said Shuvalov.

According to Shuvalov, during the discussion of the EU’s renewal of sanctions, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev decided to extend the food embargo until 31 December 2017. As explained first Deputy Prime Minister, this was done in order to “create horizons, but not to create excessive expectations.” He recalled the arrival in the United States to the new administration, adding that Russia is ready “to talk with partners as much as our willing partners.”

“Someone needs to think about this period until 31 December 2017. Renewal will occur or will not occur is a political decision”, — he concluded.

In November last year, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, speaking at the world grain forum in Sochi, said that he did not know when it will be cancelled contractee. Later, President Vladimir Putin, responding to a question from entrepreneurs on the Forum of the Russian popular front’s action, promised to delay the lifting of sanctions “as long as possible”.

The EU and USA imposed sanctions against a number of individuals and organizations in 2014 after joining the Crimea to Russia. Later, they repeatedly expanded and extended. Russia has imposed retaliatory measures in August 2014, banned the import to Russia of certain products from USA, EU countries, Canada, Australia and Norway. Later its effect is extended to Albania, Montenegro, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Ukraine.