The Railways decreased by three times the forecast for net profit in 2017

Russian Railways (RZD) plan to 3 billion rubles of net profit under RAS financial plan of the company for 2017. Read it the newspaper “Vedomosti”, the authenticity confirmed by two people close to the company.

The plan was approved at the meeting of the Board of Directors of Russian Railways in December last year. It still in September, the newspaper wrote that the company can obtain a profit of 10 billion rubles the same number in the edition cited and in November, citing financial plan of Russian Railways and a conversation with two sources familiar with the material.

Now the interlocutor of “Vedomosti” said that the forecast of RUB 10 billion was calculated based on the maximum tariff decisions. However, at a meeting with the head of the government Dmitry Medvedev it was decided to reduce the multiplying factors to the rate of 1,134 to no more than 1.1. Is limited and standardization of oil cargo. The tariff of Russian Railways has been increased by 4% instead of the proposed company 9%.

From Protocol of the meeting with Medvedev, it follows that the monopoly could Finance capital repairs of ways, increasing the tariff by 2%. This is the equivalent of an additional 24 billion by 4% was also indexed tariff for the transportation of containers.

Discounts on the transportation of coal and iron ore over long distances, on the contrary, will be reduced to 40% of the fare 50% of fare respectively. According to the financial plans, RZD plans to leave the collection this year on the previous year’s level of 1.22 billion tons and the cargo turnover is 3 trillion ton-kilometers. Revenue, based on new forecasts, should reach 1.62 trillion.

“Vedomosti” writes that the cost of Railways in 2017 will be higher than last year — more than 1.5 trillion rubles Among them of 1.35 trillion rubles will be spent on transportation.

In 2015 the net profit of Russian Railways amounted to 318 million rubles to 44 billion rubles of net loss in 2014

In September 2016, “Vedomosti”, with reference to the forecast of the Railways wrote that the company can finish 2017 with a loss of 142,4 billion. However, while familiar with the calculations of the monopoly source explained that it was a “zero option financial plan”, which considered all risks for a year.