The Syrian army said the air strike of Israel’s airport near Damascus

The Syrian army command said that the Israeli air force attacked a major military airfield of El Mezze to the West of Damascus. About it reports Reuters, citing Syrian state television.

According to the military, several rockets were fired from the area, located near the sea of Galilee in Northern Israel. Syria warned Israel about the possible consequences and called his actions “egregious”.

The Agency reported “several large explosions” near the airport of El-Mezzeh. Reuters reports that the airfield is a strategic and is used mainly by elite units of the Republican guard. About victims or destructions has not yet been reported.

Earlier on January 12 in the district of Damascus Kfar Sousa, a powerful explosion occurred, which killed seven people. In the district there are the objects of defence infrastructure. “Bi-si-si” was told that the explosion could carry out a suicide bomber.

This is not the first case when Syria accuses Israel of air strikes. In November 2016, the country’s army said that the aircraft of the Israeli air force twice attacked to the West of Damascus. The Syrian army reported that the airstrikes were conducted from Lebanese airspace.

In 2013, the airport of Damascus was also subjected to air strikes. Israel does not confirm nor deny involvement in the attacks, points out Reuters.