Ukraine held new exercises near Crimea

The defense Ministry of Ukraine reported about the conduct of the exercise in the Kherson region bordering Crimea. The information contained in the message, published on the website of the Ukrainian military.

We are talking about a special tactical exercises, which were attended by units of air defense (PVO) of tactical group “Yug” together with units of combat support.

“During the training, soldiers worked in the management and interaction of different subunits, aerosol masking, when changing starting positions, a hidden extension in the areas of deployment of air defense units, as well as working the movement of the column long-distance”, – stated in the message.

It also emphasizes that the feature of the exercises was that they were conducted in both day and night. Also classes were held in a tense mode with heavy use of simulation of air targets, highlighted in the defense Ministry.

In early December last year, Ukraine carried out missile firing near the Crimea on the Black sea. In the aviation notice (NOTAMS) of the government of Ukraine was mentioned two danger zones, one of which was in the area of responsibility of Russia near the Crimea.

After that, the defense Ministry summoned the Ukrainian attache for delivery to military and diplomatic notes to protest against the firing drills and warned that they could destroy Ukrainian rockets in the case, if they are launched in areas around the Crimea. Later Ukraine has pushed the area of missile exercises in the area in international waters.

On 2 December the head of the defense General staff of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko reported the successful completion of the exercises of the Ukrainian army with anti-aircraft missiles.