Special services of Germany accused Russia of “torpedoing” of relations between Europe and the United States

The Federal intelligence service of Germany (BND) and Federal office for the protection of the Constitution provided the Federal government a joint report which accused Moscow of trying to “torpedo” the unity of Europe and the United States, the newspaper writes Der Spiegel. In the report submitted by the joint working group called PsyOps [Psychologische Operationen — psychological operations], said that Russia for many years purposefully trying to deepen the worsening in the West, social conflict and undermine the interaction of the EU and the United States on key issues.

In the analysis of the data available, the intelligence agencies came to the conclusion that the EU has for many years experiencing strong Russian influence. As one of the examples of the German intelligence services lead with “girl: Liza”, which occurred in 2016. The Russian media, the newspaper writes, then spread the version that the girl was kidnapped and raped by Arab refugees, although during the investigation, these facts were not confirmed.

After this incident, according to the decree of the government began the investigation from the secret service demanded to carry out the analysis of activity of Russia. Another reason for the study was a burglary attempt structures of the German Bundestag in 2015.

According to the publication, the German government has not yet decided in what form to report the results of the investigation to Parliament and the public.

EU leaders in recent months have repeatedly stated the need to analyze the Russian influence in their countries . Intelligence agencies and politicians of several European countries announced Russia’s intervention in internal political processes. Information security service of the Czech Republic (BIS) has repeatedly accused Russia of conducting an information war in the country. In the report, BIS stated that the goal of Russian information warfare in 2015, was the penetration in the local media and spreading propaganda and disinformation to influence Czech public, as well as attempts to undermine the Czech-Polish relations, dissemination of information, discrediting the EU and NATO, and undermine the reputation of Ukraine.

As already mentioned, on 20 September 2016 in Moscow hosted a forum of the separatist movements, organized with the support close to the Kremlin Fund. Organized by the Russian “anti-Globalization movement” (ADR) under the leadership of Alexander ionov, a member of the Presidium of the public Union “Officers of Russia”. The grant for holding the conference in the amount of RUB 2 million has issued a national charitable Foundation dedicated to the support of the military-Patriotic projects and working under the patronage of the Kremlin (has previously written about the preparation of the forum and its participants). Ions in addition to key speakers from the Russian side was made by a member of the Presidium of the party “Rodina” Fedor Biryukov and member of the Public chamber Georgy Fedorov.

Special forces of Poland also pointed to the high level of activity of Russian intelligence to discredit the positions of Poland and other NATO members on the Ukrainian crisis. “An important element of the Russian activities was the creation of differences between the EU and NATO. At first the plan put forward by the anti-European and anti-American statements are mostly skeptics of the member countries of the EU and the voices that criticize the toughening of policy towards the Russian Federation”, — stated in the report of the intelligence services. In addition, the Polish intelligence pointed to Russia’s active participation in the past year in supporting outreach projects that “simultaneously create positive image of Russia, and also show a negative light on opponents of the Kremlin’s policy”.