At a conference in Paris called on Israel to return to 1967 borders

In the final Declaration of the international conference in Paris, which was attended by representatives of 75 countries and international organizations, the participants called for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state which must “coexist” with Israel, according to Reuters.

However, neither Israel nor the Palestinian authority in the forum did not participate.

The document also States that as the basis for settlement of the conflict should be taken of Israel’s borders of 1967. The conference welcomed the recent resolution of the UN Security Council condemning Israeli settlements, but did not require any follow-up actions to the UN. Israel had refused to implement the resolution.

According to the foreign Minister of France Jean-Marc Ayrault, today the peace process in the middle East has effectively stalled due to the lack of direct dialogue between Palestinians and Israelis. “But that’s why representatives of 70 countries gathered to explore opportunities to contribute to the resumption of direct negotiations between the parties to the conflict,” he said.

The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu declined the invitation to come to Paris, noting that the conference is engaged in “fraud” against his country and was convened in order to impose new conditions, restrictions on Israel. In particular, Israel is strongly opposed to the areas where settlements and East Jerusalem, called “occupied”.

The President of the Palestinian authority Mahmoud Abbas, who has supported the initiative of France, has promised to meet with French President Francois Hollande in the coming weeks to discuss the results.