Media reported about the plans of the military to save Syria two military sites

As reported “Interfax” citing a source, after the reduction of the Russian forces in Syria in this country will only have two serious military object. We are talking about the air group at the airport, “Hamim” in Latakia province, as well as a logistics and repair of the Navy in the city of Tartus on the Mediterranean coast.

The source noted that “Hamim” currently operates as a full-fledged air base with all the necessary regular units for combat missions and life support offline. While the military are going in a few months, to engage in the reconstruction of the airfield. In particular, we are talking about the repairs of the second runway. Project documentation for this purpose has been developed.

In addition, the airport will be a new item of air traffic control.

Currently, the Russian military has been using the renovated runway, which before the war belonged to the civil airport of Latakia. After the reconstruction it became possible to put cargo liners An-124 “Ruslan”.

29 December, Putin agreed with the proposal of the defense Minister of Russia Sergei Shoigu, who said that Syria has created the conditions for the reduction of the Russian armed forces group. The President said that Russia’s military presence in Syria will be reduced, but Moscow will not stop supporting Damascus in the fight against terrorists.

On the same day, Putin said that the Syrian government and rebels signed a cease-fire in the region, calling it, “not just waited a long time, but for the approaching which a lot of work”. The President also stressed that the agreement was the result of joint work of Moscow and Ankara, and also mentioned the last meeting of the foreign Ministers of Russia, Turkey and Iran.