The Serbian President has threatened to send troops to Kosovo

Belgrade is ready to send troops to Kosovo in the event of threats to the lives and safety of the Serbian population, said the President Tomislav Nikolic, reports the Serbian broadcaster RTS.

Nikolić made the statement after a meeting of the national security Council of Serbia.

“This is not our war, but we will send the army if necessary to protect the Serbs from the threat of murder. We will win, this is not the first time,” Nikolic said at a press conference, answering the question, is there any chance that Serbia will send an army to protect Serbs in Kosovo.

In addition, Nikolic criticized the authorities of the European Union and the United States, because they have not responded to the letter of Belgrade in connection with the incident.

Earlier on Saturday, 14 January, police in Kosovo have blocked the entrance for trains from Belgrade, which was painted in the colors of the Serbian flag. The Kosovo authorities have called the train “provocative” because it was written “Kosovo is Serbia”.

The order to block the train, as reported by Reuters, “provocative” gave the President of Kosovo Hashim Thaci.At his direction, to the border of the Republic of Serbia had pulled a special unit. The itinerary was developed by the Serbian authorities, who do not recognize the independence of the former province of Serbia and not asked Kosovo no permits for passage of the composition.

“I asked them [the police and the interior Minister] to stop entering Kosovo train in the near future at any cost”, said Thaci.