Beijing has declared its readiness “to take the gloves off” in response to trump

The actions of the elected President of the USA of Donald trump in Taiwan is unlikely to be the result of “bragging or miscalculation”, most likely the next administration will try to use the refusal from the policy of “one China” as a trump card in the game, the state China Daily writes in its editorial on Monday, January 16.

China is ready to take decisive action, and the abandonment of the policy of “one China,” it will cost US, the article says. “If trump is going to start after the inauguration, the onset of period, destructive relationships is inevitable, since Beijing will have no choice but to take decisive action (gloves)”, — stated in the article.

The authors noted that the previous administration understood the importance of the Taiwan issue in the relations with China, but an opening trump this “Pandora’s box” with the “lethal potential” can overturn fundamental solid Foundation on which to build relations between the two countries.

“It can be expensive”, — says the article. For the fact that the next President of the United States understood the sensitivity of this issue and the “severity of the consequences of their game with Taiwan”, will have to pay a high price. But it is worth it, concluded the authors.