Human Rights Watch has called trump a threat to human rights

International non-governmental organization Human Rights Watch has included the elected President of the USA of Donald trump to the list of threats to human rights. This is stated in the annual report, entitled “the Dangerous rise of populism. The global attack on human rights values”.

The rhetoric of the elected President of the organization called “dangerous” election campaign trump, according to the authors of the report, was “a Prime example [of manifestation] the politics of intolerance”. Human Rights Watch indicates that trump spoke often about the frustration of many Americans, a stagnant economy and a multicultural society in such a way that violated “basic principles of dignity and equality” of people.

The report added that the US President-elect has made remarks to the referee, pointing to its origin, “taunted a journalist with a disability”. The report also provides a history of the during the election campaign, when the Washington Post published the 2005 video where trump talks about his unsuccessful attempt to seduce a married woman.

Human Rights Watch also draws on the promise of a trump to toughen migration rules, citing threats to human rights.

“Trump’s plan to combat terrorism and Muslims, which he voiced as a candidate for U.S. President, was equally pointless, even counterproductive, as well as his denigration of the Muslim community whose cooperation is essential for identifying the future plans,” the report said.

As Human Rights Watch believe that trump is considering refugees as a threat to U.S. national security. “Trump did not show any desire to limit excessive measures like mass surveillance, a huge invasion of privacy, which was not more effective than under court supervision, focused supervision,” the document reads.

Among other threats to human rights, which, according to Human Rights Watch, facing the world — the statements of the European politician on refugees, detention of citizens “without a fair trial” in Turkey, Russia, Venezuela and China, as well as the war in Syria.

During the election campaign trump has often been criticized for his stance towards migrants. In particular, he proposed to build a wall on the border with Mexico to reduce crime, to create a special group for the deportation of migrants from the United States to introduce restrictive measures against Muslims.