In Kaliningrad has offered to supply Lithuania the brick wall on the border

The acting Governor of the Kaliningrad region Anton Alikhanov suggested “the Lithuanian colleagues” to buy produce in the area of building materials for the construction of a wall in the border, which previously announced to the government of Lithuania. This Alikhanov said in a telephone interview to TV channel “Russia 24”.

“I don’t think three and a half million euros to build 135 miles of some of the wall. I think it’s either some kind of misinterpretation of the rumors or attempt to make an impression,” said Alikhanov.

“On the border with Lithuania is a wonderful plant for brick production “the Fifth element” if colleagues from Lithuania want, we can this brick be put, in order that they built this wall,” the official added.

Alikhanov said that he supports efforts to restore order at the border and admitted that the problem of smuggling exists. “If they believe that the construction of the wall will help to stop the smuggling, well, please, flag in hand, we are ready to put Stroimaterialy, let them build. But it seems to me that we are talking not about that”, he concluded.

Earlier on Saturday, 14 January, the Minister of internal Affairs of the Republic of Amatis Minions said that Lithuania by the end of 2017, intends to erect a fortified fence on the border with Russia. According to the head of Department, for these purposes from the state budget will be allocated about €3.6 million He said that about the planned fence will be built into the upgraded system for border surveillance. Money on it the Lithuanian government will find in the next year.

The Minister also assured that the system of barriers on the border with Russia will not be a new “Chinese wall”, but it will help protect the country from falling into its territory of smuggling. The length of the new structures will be approximately 135 km, the fence will stretch from the Lithuanian district Vistica to the Nemunas.

The publication emphasizes that at present the state border that separates Lithuania and the Kaliningrad oblast, indicated by special signs and a 13-metre reference line.