Zakharova spoke about trying to recruit a Russian diplomat in the United States

Russian diplomats have tried to buy the medicine needed for the treatment of Primakov, and you can buy it only in USA, Zakharov told the TV channel “Russia-1”. To do this, from Russia, were transferred about $10 thousand, who gathered his friends and family.

Order to buy medicine, received one of the diplomats. Zakharov said that all the formalities have been complied with, all necessary information and documents furnished. However, when the diplomat has come for medicine to the pharmacy, approached the employees of the American special services and escorted him to the basement of the store, which was not working cellular.

Diplomat held there for about an hour, and the conversation was similar, according to Zakharova, for recruitment. She said that the diplomat tried to blackmail and accused of trafficking drugs. Drug the employee withdrew the money for him is not returned, said Zakharov.

But, continued Zakharov, came from John Kerry after a call to the State Department. Foreign Ministry spokesman explained that the state Department took the incident as a “set up” and intervention is Kerry allowed to solve the problem. “However, time was lost,” — said Zakharov.

Despite the intervention of Kerry, who called the situation unacceptable and said Zakharov, an employee of the Russian Embassy were expelled from the United States.

Yevgeny Primakov, died 26 June 2015. He headed the Russian government in 1998-1999 1991-1996 Primakov was Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia.