Adviser to trump outlined the terms of improving relations with Russia

The improvement of relations between Russia and the United States, if it can happen in the course of the year, said Advisor to the President on interaction with business Anthony of Scaramucci on the sidelines of the world economic forum in Davos, Switzerland.

“I’m generally a very optimistic person, as well as the President-elect. He has a vision of mutual interests, and perhaps through the year relations with the Russian people and the Russian government will be better than today. I’m not saying that this will happen. Who knows what circumstances or facts would affect our relationship, but in any case we want it”, — quotes Scaramucci Agency TASS.

In addition, he said that during negotiations Moscow and Washington may try to find a better solution to problems than sanctions.

“I believe that sanctions were not the best thing, but at the same time, the actions taken by the Russian government have been met with a certain disapproval in the international community. Most likely, we will have the opportunity to sit again at the negotiating table and see if we can come to a better agreement,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

However, he noted that sanctions “in some way had the opposite effect due to the nature of the Russian people”, because in response, they rallied around their President.

Scaramucci also spoke in favor of free trade and stated that the trump has no objection to the investment of American companies in the Russian economy. He said that now it is hampered by sanctions, but to resolve the issue should the President of the United States and the future Secretary Rex Tillerson.