. Advocated for increased competition in certain sectors of the economy

“If we just privatize large public companies that dominate in certain sectors, the competitive situation does not improve, and this will not have a major impact on overall growth,” said Oreshkin in an interview with the British edition. “The first thing we need to concentrate on raising the level of competition in different markets”, — said the Minister.

Oreshkin also denied the suggestion that the resumption of growth in oil prices will weaken the government’s commitment to long-term structural reforms. However, according to him, growth is possible only if the business deems reasonably stable macroeconomic situation and the reforms will be seen as understandable and predictable.

In addition, the Minister said that the government intends to fight “grey economy”. “We will adjust our tax system to support those who work according to the law, those who invests, holds, innovation, exports. All those who will contribute to the overall growth,” said Oreshkin.

A few days ago. at the Gaidar forum in Moscow said that the key to tax problem of Russia is a high load on the payroll for a business that is committed to work legally. “The tax system can be stable only if the budget is stable, if the budget is long-term sustainability”, he said.

8 Jan. in an interview with “Kommersant” lamented the poverty of the Russian population. “This is not only a social problem but also a serious threat to economic growth, given that a significant proportion of low-income today we is families with children,” the Minister said.