Diplomats in wigs: the main press conference of Sergey Lavrov

About Trump

“Trump looks special, they differ significantly from the views of his predecessors, including not only Democrats, but also Republicans. The basis for these views is the core interest of the United States like Donald trump to represent him. <…> What we hear from Donald trump and his team, suggests that they have a different approach and they will not resort to double standards to terrorism to use to achieve that is not relevant to the task goals.”

About the new U.S. administration

“We are realists. We, of course, watching how a new US administration to join in their own right. I would not get neither one nor the other extreme: now the media, in political society, a lot of predictions, speculation, some burst, others say that nothing will change, nothing to rejoice. Now completely pointless to talk about it. Only when all are taking their seats in the new administration, only when the official start of the work, then it becomes clear how to build relationships between US and the outside world.”

On independence

“He (Trump. — ) wants every country is first of all itself was responsible for its own development, and it also resonates with our approach. We advocate that all were independent that there is less dependency to have respect for the law, the legitimate interests of each state.”

About the cyber threat posed by Russia

“Certainly, many people want to quickly have been forgotten cases when the national security Agency (NSA) USA hacked internal video conferencing UN tapped directly [French President Francois] Hollande, [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel and the EU leadership. Remember and remind your readers that these episodes, which became known, confirmed facts that were somehow overlooked by those who are now screaming based on bullshit and lies that Russia is a cyber threat”.

“With regard to cybersecurity, charges, I’m not going to prove to you that it’s all true. I think that in Germany, as in many other countries, the presumption of innocence. So to prove you. We saw trumped the attempts of evidence that denies the British and their colleagues from the US who tried to do things the new administration. <…> Russia has always advocated to sustain cooperation to restore order in the fight against cybercrime”.

On terrorism

“Threats over the past year has not decreased, I mean, first of all, the threat of international terrorism that continued to do their dastardly deed. Suffered from it the inhabitants of the cities of Europe, the Middle East, and other countries. We lost as a result of the heinous terrorist act of our Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Gennadievich Karlov. <…> That the international community can rally to, as he said, speaking at the United Nations, President Vladimir Putin, to create a United front against terrorism, is cause for serious concern and regret”

On the settlement of the situation in Syria

“What was missing in these negotiations is the participation of those who really determines the situation on the ground. Call them militias, call them armed opposition groups. We believe that commanders should become full participants in this process. I think that it is not necessary to restrict the matter to only those specific groups which signed the 29 December agreement on a cease-fire. Any other armed groups who want to join these agreements, have the opportunity to have. <…> This is a healthy process that involves negotiations of those who really control the situation.”

About the coup in Ukraine in 2014

“Being unable to provide obligations on formation of a national unity government under the guarantee of France, Poland and Germany, the Ukrainian putschists themselves blatantly violated the provisions of the Budapest Protocol on the need to faithfully respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Ukrainian state. The only thing there is in the Budapest Memorandum, are the commitments and obligations of Russia and anyone else to agree with the results of the unconstitutional armed coup, which the authors at first his actions proclaimed the fight against the Russian language and Russians in the Crimea.”

About Minsk agreement

“As for the Minsk agreements, then I don’t have any intention to rewrite them. Unanimously adopted UN security Council resolution. I have not heard that France and Germany as the countries — participants of the Normandy format or to Donetsk and Lugansk as members of the contact group offered these arrangements to change. I haven’t heard that the administration of Donald trump urged the Minsk agreement to bury and solve the problem in Eastern Ukraine others in some way.”

On cooperation

“With these positions, positions of equality, mutual account of interests and mutual respect, we are ready to build relations with the U.S. and the EU, and NATO. I repeat: without the import values without trying to impose on us any value. Our choice is in favor of pragmatism, based on the root interests of the Russian Federation. They are simple, unchanging and lies in the fact that the country has lived well, improve the welfare of our people, to the sustainable development of our economy and social sphere in conditions of security, the most favorable external circumstances. We are looking for common interests with those who are ready to do so, the world economy developed for the benefit of all countries and peoples. Looking for common approaches to those who understand no alternative to joining efforts in the fight against terrorism and other modern threats.”

About US intelligence

“They (U.S. diplomats. — ) on the Kaliningrad, Leningrad, Murmansk, Voronezh regions. Seen repeatedly in Novorossiysk, in the Chechen Republic, along the border with the Donbas, has traveled literally all up and down. I’m not talking about the fact that in addition to espionage diplomats of the U.S. Embassy has repeatedly been seen participating in rallies of our opposition, anti-government rallies, unsanctioned rallies, including in periodata. Make your own conclusions. Suppressed intelligence activities of American representatives, who worked under diplomatic cover. There was the famous episode when the diplomat disguised in a wig and fake eyebrows penetrated the U.S. Embassy, refusing to present photo ID to security personnel, hit him.”

On surveillance of American diplomats in Moscow

“It is likely that any diplomatic mission can share information about how they work in a particular country. In the period of the administration (President Barack. — ) Obama, we have received complaints that the American Embassy here is working in intolerable conditions, organized surveillance, the Ambassador pulled the plug, it does not accept any Russian companies. We specifically understand this situation, it was the exact opposite”.