Kadyrov has denied the information about the murder of the security guard

The head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov has denied the information about that shot dead a former employee of the Chechen law enforcement bodies Alikhan Muzaev was his guard. About it reports “RIA Novosti”.

“Muzaev never included in the protection and support of the head of the Chechen Republic, visited the territory government. He was instructed to guard the farm buildings outside settlements”, — said Kadyrov, noting that he was just “in the role of an ordinary watchman.”

According to the head of Chechnya 13 years ago Musaeva suspected of aiding members of armed groups. The security forces then managed to get from him important information, which allowed to detain and prosecute more than a dozen militants. All subsequent years for officer watched. “About a year ago decided to reinforce the control. This allowed to learn the identities of up to 15 members of the gang who tried to contact him”, — said Kadyrov.

When we found murzaeva with the militants, it did not linger, “to identify the entire organization.” At the final stage of the special operation to neutralize the bandits, the security forces came to his home and, “not delaying, not by force and not wearing handcuffs,” he offered to go to the Department. In response, the suspect “pulled out a gun and shot himself,” said the head of Chechnya.

Kadyrov stressed that operational activities with eliminated in the Shali and Kurchaloy districts of the gang was carried out for a long time, so the “failed to read data from virtually all participants, collaborators, leaders”.

Monday, January 16, edition of “the Caucasus.Realities” (“Radio Freedom”) with reference to sources in Chechnya reported that in the Republic shot one of the guards of Ramzan Kadyrov Alikhan Muzaev. The sources claimed that local security forces captured the security guard on the evening of 15 January, and after a while gave his body to the family.