Lavrov said on dressed women of the U.S. diplomats at rallies in Russia

Speaking at a press conference in Moscow, the foreign Minister said that “diplomats of the U.S. Embassy has repeatedly been seen participating in rallies of the Russian opposition, in the anti-government demonstrations, unauthorized demonstrations, including in periodata” correspondent reports .

The Minister stated that when the diplomat, dressed like a woman, came into the building, the toilet, and there, dressed in his customary suit.

Lavrov reported that us Embassy staff often travel around the country in a rented car without special diplomatic service. Saw them in the Kaliningrad, Leningrad, Murmansk, Voronezh, Novorossiysk and Chechnya. “Along the border with the Donbas has traveled literally all the length and breadth,” — said the Russian Minister.

While Lavrov stressed that the complaints of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow to the intolerable working conditions was not confirmed.

The main press conference of Sergey Lavrov

In September 2015, the Network appeared shots with US Ambassador John Tefft, who allegedly went on a rally of the opposition in Marino. But the American Embassy later stated that the day Tefft spent at home. “Thanks to photoshop, you can be anywhere”, — noted there.

Later, the REN TV channel apologized for showing in the air mounted frames involving Tefft, explaining that it was not possible to verify the origin of the image.

In the same month, NTV television showed in a live footage of employees of the Russian counterintelligence. They were shown a walk in Moscow, allegedly the wife of the employee of the American Embassy African-American origin, who with a friend went to a small restaurant. There she went to the toilet, and back came a red-haired man wearing a cap, in which he identified the U.S. intelligence officer Timothy Finnegan. Thus, the agent tried to get away unnoticed to meet with the informant.