Putin compared the protests against trump in the US with independence

Certain forces in the United States intends to undermine the legitimacy of the elections and ready to “Washington “Maidan” to organize”, but would not allow Donald Trump to enter the presidential office. This was during a press conference, said President Vladimir Putin, reports “RIA Novosti”.

According to the Russian leader, the opponents trump their actions cause to the interests of the United States great harm, even if not initially pursue this goal. As Putin believes, opponents of the elected President are driven by the desire to “bind him hand and foot” and to oblige to comply with all the data in the course of the election campaign promises.

The President called the methods of struggle used against the trump indicator “a significant level of degradation of the political elites in the West.” “The fact that such methods are used against the elected President of the USA is of course a unique case, this has never happened before”, — Putin said on a question of journalists about alleged Moscow has the dirt on trump.

Wednesday, 11 January, BuzzFeed published a 35-page dossier, which said contacts of representatives of the election headquarters of Donald trump with the Russian special services. In the Kremlin denied the information.

In November 2013, after President Viktor Yanukovych postponed the signing of the Association agreement with the EU on Maidan square in Kiev began a rally in support of European integration. Spontaneous action turned into a long standoff and led to a political crisis. In the end, the country has seen a change of government and the Donetsk and Luhansk regions proclaimed themselves independent republics, which led to a full-scale military action.