Savchenko suggested that “surrender” Crimea for the return of Donbass

Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Hope Savchenko said that to return peacefully to the Donbass, if “surrender” Crimea is Russia. Such a statement she made at TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“No matter how they shouted and tore their shirts some MPs, no matter how much they scream that we will not surrender. They must abandon the Crimea”, –said Savchenko.

“It [the Crimea] remains unrecognized occupied territory. Crimea is another Transnistria,” she said. To abandon the Crimea for the Donbass, according to her, should be to “make another Transnistria and Donbass”.

“Another peaceful way, I do not see”, — the Deputy added, noting that the release of the Donbass-military means possible at the negotiating table.