The Russian General staff announced on the offensive against ISIS near Palmyra

In Syria, government troops backed by Russian Military space forces are on the offensive against the militants of banned terrorist group “Islamic state” (LIH). This was stated at a briefing head of the main operations Directorate of the General staff Lieutenant-General Sergey rudskoy, reports “RIA Novosti”.

The representative of the General staff noted that, according to the Russian side, in the area of Palmyra was thrown a large quantity of explosives “to destroy the ISIS terrorists of the world historical heritage in the city.”

Rudskoy added that the actions of the US-led coalition near Mosul in Iraq “has been reduced to squeezing in the Eastern part of Syria a significant force of ISIS”. According to Rudskoy, LIH, transferring the firearms, explosives, and manpower in the direction of Palmyra, Deir ez-Zor and the border with Turkey the city of al Bab.