Trump spoke about the reasons for their activity on Twitter

The US President-elect Donald trump said that if media does not publish false information, he wouldn’t have to write posts to Twitter. He admitted in an interview with Fox News, adding that in the current environment, microblogging is the “only way” to deal with the biased media and he can’t give it up.

“I don’t like to write in Twitter. I have a lot of other things, but I came across a very dishonest media and can only fight this way,” said trump.

According to the elected President, with the help of social networks he is able to refute the false information about him.

In early January, trump lashed out at the American special services, “has admitted publishing fake news about him.” Indignation elected President was caused by the leak of information on the alleged presence of Russian dirt on him. Trump also believes that his opponents are trying “to belittle the victory with the help of fake news”.

Elected President often criticized for maintaining accounts in social networks and controversial posts. For example, U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry said that trump was not supposed to discuss questions of international policy on Twitter and after the inauguration obliged to choose “other type of communication.” According to Kerry, “140 characters do not allow to adequately cope with the difficult decisions.”

Trump has accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Only on Twitter he has currently published more than 34 thousand posts, it signed more than 20 million people.