Media called pensions as a possible way of financing hackers in the USA

According to the publication McClatchy, a team of investigators, which included representatives from the FBI, CIA, NSA, US Department of justice and Department for investigation of economic crimes of the Ministry of Finance of the USA, in the spring of last year trying to figure out how to get money out of Russian hackers, who allegedly worked with the territory of the United States, helping Donald Trump.

According to one version, the money went to America through a system that allows you to transfer pensions to citizens of Russia living in the United States. Thus payments have been or directly to hackers or to intermediaries who then distribute the money among cybercriminals.

The material is not reported to have detained and allegedly how much money could get hackers.

Unclassified version of the report about the “Russian interference” in the elections of the us intelligence service has published 6 Jan. From this it follows that U.S. intelligence has “high confidence” believes that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin ordered to launch a campaign of intervention in the US presidential election.

According to U.S. intelligence, Russian President, had the objective “to undermine people’s faith in American democracy, to tarnish Hillary Clinton, to hurt her presidential campaign and to prevent a potential victory in the elections”.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the U.S. intelligence report still contains unsupported accusations. “We have serious fatigue from these charges. It reminds in full-length the hunt for witches. We understand that our American colleagues at different stages were the kind of witch hunts”, — he told reporters at a briefing.