Taxes and contributions in troubled banks of Tatarstan will be credited with paid

The authorities of Tatarstan have agreed with local management of FNS, the Department of the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) and the social insurance Fund (SIF) that taxes and contributions carried out through the problem Tatfondbank and Bank will be deemed paid in “Commission”, writes “Kommersant” with reference to the Commissioner under Tatarstan President for the protection of entrepreneurs ‘ rights Timur nagumanova.

According to him, all entrepreneurs and companies who will give the tax office a statement of payments, will be invited to the special Commission, which will decide whether to consider them a bona fide taxpayers. To what the budget should have been credited taxes — Federal or Republican — doesn’t matter, just as we did the company in the form of a taxpayer or a tax agent (for pit).

The FIU and FSS the newspaper reported that the issue of payment within the competence of the tax. In on the request for publication is not answered.

According to “Kommersant”, under Russian law, a tax or contribution to extra-budgetary Fund shall be deemed paid upon presentation to the Bank’s payment orders with the necessary amount of funds on the settlement account of the payer. In 2001, the constitutional court raised the issue of fairness in listing the budget taking into account the circumstances under which the company knew or could have known about the problems of the Bank and conducted payments through it. With 2014 upon payment of taxes through problem banks, the company was invited by the tax authorities on a special Commission, where it was a question of integrity.

The level of the whole region the issue of good faith of the taxpayers first came out, the newspaper said. According to partner Taxology Alexey Artyukh, usually commissions are individual cases that the courts often end of companies with inspections of FNS. In respect of the payments of extra-budgetary funds of the fulfilled procedure of commissions of tests does not exist. This is the first case in the practice of PRF says Nagumanov.

According to the newspaper, to prove the honesty customers will not be easy. Problems with payments have Tatfondbank and Interbanca appeared in early December last year, and on December 15 and 23, respectively, they were introduced temporary administration of ASV. Bank customers could learn about the problems in early December from the media, says “Kommersant”. According to, managing partner of “Renaissance-Lex” Giorgi Khuroshvili, there are many disputes where the courts pay special attention to the fact, could the taxpayer about the issues of the Bank. In addition, the recognition by the Commission of the client’s good faith is not a guarantee that in the future it is not claims.

In Tatarstan hopes that the initiative will be used in the future and the failures of other banks. As noted Nagumanov, “legislation, regulations, instructions of government authorities, their logic of action and interpretation of the regulatory framework do not provide for a “plan B” in case of banking crises”, so the “right package “crisis scenarios”, which are aimed at protecting the interests of entrepreneurs in emergencies with the banks.” In this connection, initiated the establishment of a special project group under the President of Tatarstan, which may offer, in particular, deferment or installment plans for taxes to the entrepreneurs subject to the effect of Bank moratoria.

Sources of the Kommersant say that the issue may be raised at a scheduled meeting of the ex-President of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev with President Vladimir Putin.