The head of NOVATEK did not see the prospects of the imminent liberalisation of the gas market

The Chairman of the Board and co-owner of NOVATEK Leonid Mikhelson said that he sees no prospects of liberalization of the market of pipeline gas export in the near future. Such a statement he made in an interview to “Interfax” on the sidelines of the world economic forum in Davos.

“I don’t see and don’t expect any progress in this matter, I don’t think will be taken any decisions in the next year or two,” said Michelson in response to the question whether there is any progress in the liberalization of gas exports.

Mikhelson said that he raised the issue of “equal economic conditions in the domestic market for all its participants and a fair rate” in the last presidential Commission. “Its proposals on the methodology for the calculation of the rate we were given, we believe that today it [the tariff] is too high. You can discuss exactly how much he exaggerated, but we are deeply convinced that it is overpriced and there is no transparency in the principle of its formation,” — said Mikhelson, adding no decision was adopted.

“We put the question, understand its validity that there should be regulation on services UGS. “Gazprom” as the owner alone has increased the value of gas storage in UGS and gas price and transport tariff decisions no. We hope that in the near future, these are serious questions all the same will have its decision. And they are much more important than the decision in one form or another of the admission of independent gas export market,” added the CEO.

In October in an interview to “Kommersant” Michelson called for the abolition of the monopoly “Gazprom” on export of pipeline gas. “I believe that the state would make more sense to have an alternative to Gazprom in pipeline exports,” — said Mikhelson, noting that for the state so it will be cheaper.

Currently, the monopoly on export gas pipeline belongs to Gazprom. NOVATEK, and Rosneft, can only export liquefied natural gas.