The media talked about the decline in the price of the F-35 after criticism of trump

The Pentagon and Lockheed Martin are close to agreement on purchase of F-35 fighter jets for $9 billion, reports Reuters, citing sources close to the negotiations.

According to them, negotiations are still ongoing, however, by the end of the month will be declared on the contract for the purchase of 90 aircraft. According to the Agency, the cost of a single fighter close to falling below $100 million.

The representative of Lockheed declined to comment on these data.

In December last year, the President-elect Donald trump wrote on Twitter that the price on the F-35 “out of control” and that after his inauguration on 20 January 2017, “billions of dollars can be saved” for military and other procurement USA. After that, shares of Lockheed Martin were down 4.2%.

Curator of the program Lockheed Martin F-35 Jeff Babion then said that the company has invested a large sum of money to reduce the price of the fighters by 70%. He also said that the Corporation plans to make another $85 million for these purposes in the period from 2019 to 2020.

24 December, Lockheed Martin announced that its CEO Marilyn Hewson personally promised to Trump the lower cost F-35. “I had a very good conversation with President-elect Donald trump, and I assured him that I clearly heard his message, to reduce the cost of the F-35. I gave him a personal commitment to strongly reduce the price,” — said in a statement Hewson. She noted that trump wants the US had the largest military capabilities with the least expenditure of the taxpayers. “We are ready to provide it”, — said the head of Lockheed Martin.