Money in the service of America: how much the team trump

79-year-old investor, banker and specialist in crisis management Wilbur Ross made his fortune ($2.5 billion) on the purchase and restructuring of companies. Ross called the “king of bankruptcy”. For 25 years he worked in the new York office Rothschild Bank, was promoted to the position of senior adviser on bankruptcy issues. In the early 1990s, Ross has helped keep the Trump casino in Atlantic city. Known as a strict and skilled negotiator who never gives in to emotions.

Vincent viola ($1.79 billion) — founder of one of the world’s largest high-tech trading firms Virtu Financial, the owner of club of NHL “Florida Panthers”. He graduated from the U.S. military Academy at West point, served in the 101st airborne division. He studied at the law faculty of new York University.

Responsible for all small businesses in the US will be Linda McMahon ($1.6 billion). She herself is a successful entrepreneur. In 1979, McMahon founded the world’s largest Federation of wrestling — WWE. According to trump, McMahon will be able to reduce the level of administration in the sphere of small business.

Betsy de Vos (its condition Forbes estimates more than a billion dollars) — philanthropist, daughter-in-law of Richard DeVos, the founder of the cosmetics company Amway. A longtime Republican donor, former Chairman of the Republican party in Michigan.

Rex Tillerson (the state — $325 million), the former President of ExxonMobil. For the sake of public service, left his position in the company. In assets, shares of ExxonMobil worth more than $2.5 million Tillerson has repeatedly opposed sanctions against Russia, which he had to stop several joint projects. The senators and Democrats who have accumulated Tillerson a lot of questions, mainly concerning his close ties with the Russian leadership. In 2013 Putin at the St. Petersburg economic forum personally presented the head of the oil giant, the order of Friendship.

Steven Mnuchin (the state — $300 million), investor and former top Manager of Goldman Sachs, having held senior positions in several hedge funds, he worked as a financial Manager in Hollywood. Was one of the producers of “Mad max,” “Gravity” and other financially successful films. Mnuchin never held political office, his economic views are not publicly expressed.

Andrew Pazder (state — $45 million), one of the richest men in the restaurant industry. The head of CKE Restaurants, which manages, in particular, one of the world’s largest fast food chains Carl’s Jr.. has Repeatedly opposed raising the minimum wage, in his opinion, it prevents small businesses and reduces the number of jobs.

A close friend of trump — brain surgeon Ben Carson (the state — $29 million). The first in the world performed successful operation on division of Siamese twins occipital. For medical he was awarded one of the highest awards the U.S. medal of Freedom. The author of six motivational bestsellers.

Elaine Chao (the family fortune — $24 million) is under Bush Jr. was the Minister of labour. Her father is a shipping magnate, the founder of Foremost Group. Chao is on the boards of Directors of several companies, one Bank Wells Fargo.

Tom Price (state — $10 million) — orthopaedic surgeon, Congressman from Georgia. An implacable opponent of the policies of Barack Obama in the field of healthcare, the Price promises to reform the health insurance program Obamacare.

The closest adviser during the election campaign trump — Jeff sessions (state — $6 million). The Senator from Alabama. Was a Prosecutor in the southern district of this state, tried to become a Federal judge, but has not been approved by the Senate because of the “racist statements.” Sessions is known for his tough stance against migrants. Owns six hundred acres of land on the Western part of the state, worth at least $2.5 million.

66-year-old marine General retired James Mattis (state — $5 million). Commanded a division during the invasion of Iraq, participated in major campaigns in the middle East. Press Mattis called Mad Dog and the Warrior-monk. Mattis has never been married and has no children. Is on the Board of Directors of the defense of General Dynamics Corporation.

John Kelly (state — $4 million) — a marine General retired, more than 40 years he served in the army. Commanded the troops in Western Iraq. Opposed plans to close the Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba. Trump hopes that Kelly will help solve the problem of illegal migration. As President-elect, he considers the border with Mexico was “too transparent.”

Rick Perry (the state — $2 million) — a former Governor of Texas. Makes public statements and advises the company of construction equipment Caterpillar. In 2012 and 2016 was nominated for the US presidency, but almost immediately dropped out of the race. Owns stakes in several oil and gas companies.

Mike Pence. The Governor of Indiana. Has a reputation as a tough conservative. Opposes same-sex marriage and abortion.

Ryan Zinke (state — $800 million), Congressman from Montana. He served in the special forces of the U.S. Navy. Collecting art and cars, among them a vintage Cadillac in 1938.