Shuvalov expressed the desire of business in the United States to resume dialogue with Russia

Representatives of American business are interested in a speedy resumption of business contacts with Russian colleagues, said the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov. According to him, at the world economic forum in Davos, he discussed the possibility of beginning the business dialogue “Russia-USA”.

“We have agreed that we will wait for proposals, and these proposals in the next few weeks will come”, — said Shuvalov (quoted by “Interfax”).

According to Shuvalov, the business in the US want to “form a dialogue” with Russia, before the dialogue begins at the level of heads of two States.

First Vice Prime Minister noted that the businessmen are concerned about something, I can get along with each other the authorities of Russia and USA after US President is Donald trump, and what will happen to imposed against Russia sanctions. However, about possibilities of cooperation of American business, according to Shuvalov, think now.

“As for the economy and the potential in Russia is huge interest. We honestly thought it would be a little more modest, but the interest is huge,” said Shuvalov.

First Deputy Prime Minister also announced that it plans to spend in Davos, a special closed meeting with foreign investors.

January 13, 2017 during the Gaidar forum in Moscow, Shuvalov said the possibility of cancellation by the end of years of sanctions and the imposition of the Russian “counter-sanctions”.

“But I guess it’s time to understand that the sanctions will soon expire. Or contractee. Anyway, in my work, I and the Minister of agriculture and Minister of the economy, most likely, must proceed from the fact that counter-sanctions will be lifted,” said then first Deputy Prime Minister.

Later, the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has called “not to deceive ourselves” first the lifting of sanctions, noting that they are likely to continue in the medium term.