The Kremlin called a misconception “trump is our man”

“To believe that trump is “our person” — the biggest mistake by Western and some Russian scientists”, — quoted Peskov, the Agency “RIA Novosti”.

“It’s not our man, this man is American. This is the President of the United States of America”, — explained press Secretary of the President.

Still in Moscow cautiously commented on the future character of relations with Washington, expressing his hope for a constructive approach of the new American administration. “Let’s be patient, wait for the moment of accession of Mr. trump in the position of the incumbent, and then we will evaluate the different initiatives,” Peskov said earlier.

Before Bloomberg, citing senior Russian officials announced that the Kremlin’s initial euphoria at winning trump gave way to skepticism. In particular, in Moscow not so sure that relations with Washington could improve in the short term, trump will quickly cancel the anti-Russian sanctions.

According to sources Bloomberg, Russian officials were confused by the fact that in a recent interview trump linked the easing of sanctions against Moscow with the expectation of concessions to Moscow in disarmament issues.

During the election campaign, Democrats repeatedly accused trump of Pro-Russian sentiment. This is explained by the statements of the billionaire’s readiness to negotiate with Putin and find a compromise on various international policy issues.