A new vision: what trump promised America

On Friday, January 20, Donald trump was sworn in and became the 45th President of the United States. The inauguration of the new President and Vice-President Mike Pence took place in Washington at noon (20:00 Moscow time). According to the tradition of bringing the President to the oath took place on the steps of the Capitol.

Trump’s speech after the oath lasted about 16 minutes and was a bit shorter than similar statements in the past. In 2009 and 2013 performances of Barack Obama took 19 minutes. In 2001, George Bush spoke for 15 minutes, and in 2005 — already 22 minutes.

compare the first speech of the new US President’s inaugural speeches of his two predecessors, Democrat Barack Obama, first elected in 2008 and Republican George W. Bush was first elected in 2000.

The economic situation in the United States

“Today’s ceremony marks not just a transfer of power from one administration to another, from one party to another. This transfer of power from Washington back to you, the American people,” said trump. According to him, “for too long a small group of people in our country reaped all the fruits, while ordinary citizens bear all the burden.”

“From this day forward, our country will be run by a new vision. From this day on, only America will be first and foremost. America first,” proclaimed trump. As notes the edition, The Washington Post, this slogan was used extensively in the election campaign trump, and before that it was considered the motto of the American isolationists of the 1930-ies, which opposed the US entry into world war II. “However, trump gave a political slogan of economic sense,” — emphasizes the publication.

Trump reiterated his campaign promise to make life easier for Americans, whose General economic growth in the country is not affected. “The rusting factories scattered across the country, like the funerary stones. The education system is awash with money, but can not give our beautiful young students with the necessary knowledge,” said trump.

Like Obama in 2013, trump talked about the need for new infrastructure. “We are bringing back jobs. We will refund us our boundaries. We will take back our wealth and our dreams. We will build new roads, highways, bridges, airports, tunnels and rail journey across our beautiful country. We will remove people from the benefits and get them back to work, restoring the country hands of the Americans,” trump promised. His predecessor four years ago, said that “a modern economy requires railroads and highways to speed travel and Commerce, requires schools and colleges to educate workers.”

The promise of educational reform coincided trump and the words of Republican George W. Bush, who in both his inaugural speeches (in 2001 and 2005) promised to deliver the highest standards in schools.

Trump spoke from the standpoint of the protectionist, praised the speech of the Commissioner under the President of Russia for entrepreneurs ‘ rights protection Boris Titov, attended the ceremony in Washington. Trump, he said, talked a lot about jobs in industry and agriculture, but never mentioned an innovative industry from the point of view of the economy is a step backwards, but perhaps necessary for America, which, being at the forefront of innovative development, a little off the ground.

Foreign policy and fighting terrorism

In his inaugural address, trump has repeated everything that was said during the election campaign on foreign policy and trade. “For decades we’ve enriched the foreign industry our industry is subsidized by a foreign army, leaving our troops are exhausted. We protect borders in other countries by refusing to defend their own borders. We have spent trillions of dollars outside the country while the infrastructure of America has deteriorated,” said the new President of the United States.

Democrat Obama, in contrast, promised that “America will remain the key to strong unions in various regions of the world,” and promised to support democracy around the world. Bush in 2005, also talked about the fact that the United States will not ignore oppression of those who live in tyranny and hopelessness. “Supporters of democratic reforms facing repression, prison or exile can know: America sees you as who you are, the future leaders of your free country,” promised the previous Republican President.

Trump also promised to strengthen existing alliances and enter into a new struggle against radical Islamic terrorism. Neither Obama nor Bush in his speeches about radical Islamic terrorism is not talked about, though, and promised to ensure stability and sustainable peace and to protect US from external enemies. Specific military campaigns, which lead the United States, trump in the speech did not mention. Obama in 2009 promised to withdraw troops from Iraq, then it was done.

“Trumpkin declared not the beginning of a new administration, and the beginning of a new regime. Traditionally, inaugural address reaffirmed fundamental principles of the founding fathers of the United States: freedom, democracy, justice, continuity of institutions and the rule of law. Trump ignored all these things,” says James Sherr, senior research fellow at the Royal Institute of international Affairs (Chatham House), expert of the International discussion club “Valdai”. According to experts, speech trump was the mobilization. Main theme — “First of all America,” was once the slogan of those who refused to criticize Hitler, he said. He stressed that the trump’s first post-war President of the United States, which waives liability of the country for the international liberal order for the construction and protection which his predecessors had done so much.