Former President of Gambia gave up power after the invasion of Senegal

Lost the election the President of the Gambia Yahya Jammeh refused to power after invading the country of Senegal and allies on January 19. About this in his Twitter said the President-elect of the Gambia Adam barrow.

“I would like to inform you that Yahya Jammeh has agreed to relinquish power and leave the country,” he said.

Before Jammeh an ultimatum to leave the country before 16:00 local time (19:00 MSK), or be supplanted by troops supported by the UN Security Council, reports “Bi-bi-si”.

Originally Jammeh, who lost the election, had to leave the country on 19 January, but he refused to do it. After that, the troops of Senegal joined the Gambia. Army Colonel Abdou Ndiaye reported that the Economic community of West African beginning strikes on the territory of the country. In his words, “heavily” was involved in land, air and marine resources of the army. Action of Senegal supported the military-air forces of Nigeria and the United States.

Presidential elections in the Gambia took place on 1 December. They won businessman Adam barrow, who received 45.5% of votes. Yahya Jammeh scored 36.7% of the votes.

After the defeat Jammeh refused to recognize the election results. He called for re-elections under the leadership of “God-fearing and independent electoral Commission”. Jammeh has led the Gambia since 1994.