The media learned about the plans of the trump and may hold a meeting next week

Prime Minister Theresa may will pay a visit to Washington, where he will meet with U.S. President Donald trump next week. Meeting is tentatively to be held on January 26. About this The Daily Telegraph said sources in the British government.

According to interlocutors of publication, on the meeting so soon after joining trump for President of the United States insisted a senior adviser to the American leader Steve Bannon. At the same time, the exact date is still not selected, but both sides strive to hold the meeting as soon as possible, the newspaper specifies.

It is expected that Mei will hold in Washington “a few days”, during which politicians will discuss the issues in the oval office in the White house. According to the publication, other British Ministers will not visit the USA along with may.

The Daily Telegraph writes that the upcoming visit has been developed over the last two weeks and was kept in strict secret. The UK government took part in the final part of the development plans in the last two days before the inauguration of the trump.

In command of the new U.S. President saying that the administration wants to establish with the British colleagues the same close relationship that existed between Washington and London in the 1980s, the years during the reign of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.

“They really, really want to embrace the idea of Reagan-Thatcher: a new populist in the White house and a strong woman in the house at number 10 (the official residence of the British Prime Minister is located at Downing street, 10. — ). They want to revive [these relationships] as soon as possible”, — the newspaper quoted its source.