The Ministry of Finance proposed to change the distribution of taxes between the centre and the regions

“We in the preparation of proposals for setting up of the tax system should take into account the possibility of budgets of all levels — municipal, regional and budget. And when we prepare proposals for the tax system, must not forget this moment — in which the budgets are credited certain taxes and how our proposals will affect the balance of the budget system,” — said Siluanov, speaking at the Congress of the party “United Russia”.

“We believe that the principle, when more uniform, stable taxes remain in the municipalities and the regions, should be preserved. And more mobile, volatile revenue sources should be concentrated at the level of the Russian Federation”, — the Minister continued.

He noted that “in principle it’s happening,” but there was one tax is a tax on profits. “As it is very volatile and depends on many factors, from the taxpayers, etc. So we set ourselves the task to do so, to pass the subjects more sustainable, permanent, steady income,” — concluded the head of the Ministry of Finance.

Currently the tax rate on profits is 20%. The Federal budget is only 3%, the rest goes to the actors. These contributions together with the tax on income of individuals form the basis of the regional budgets. This would act in 2017-2020.