United Russia has found an alternative Neverova for the post of head of the General Council of the party

Apart from acting Secretary of the General Council of the party in power Sergey Neverov, as a candidate for the post of Secretary may be nominated by the head of coordination Council “Young guards of “United Russia” (MGER) Denis Davydov, said two sources in the party. The reporting-election Congress of “United Russia” will be held on January 21-22 in Moscow.

From Neverov has all the chances to be re-elected to his post earlier said sources in the party, but without technical competitors can not do. Under the Charter of the “United Russia”, the Secretary of the General Council shall be elected on an alternative basis (not less than two candidates) from among the members of the General Council. Candidates for the post of Secretary to introduce the members of this party body, but the Charter allows for self-promotion.

Davydov included in the Presidium of the General Council. According to a source in the ruling party, have reached a preliminary agreement that he “will compete” Neverova.

According to another source in the “United Russia”, the head of the MGER may not be the only opponent of the incumbent Secretary. Discussed the possibility of nominating someone from a strong the heads of regional branches of the party, he says.

Neverov said that the election of Secretary will be held on Sunday, January 22 – “first elected to the General Council, then there will be a nomination for post of Secretary”.”Let’s see who are the members of the General Council will extend”, – he added.

Davydov said that he had no information about what it can nominate to the post of Secretary: “Any suggestions I have not received”.

In the past the reporting-election Congress of “United Russia” technical competition Neverova made Deputy Secretary of the General Council Sergei Zheleznyak.

During the present Congress will be elected to the higher and General Council of “United Russia” and the Chairman of the party. earlier it was reported that Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev is expected to be re-elected as the head of the Supreme Council Boris Gryzlov.

In the Bureau of the Supreme Council of the party can enter the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, who has restored membership in “United Russia” after leaving the presidential administration.