The German foreign Minister called the election trump the end of the world order of the twentieth century

The election of Donald trump put an end to the world order of the twentieth century. This statement was made by Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier in his article published in the newspaper Bild am Sonntag.

“With the election of Donald trump, the old world of the twentieth century finally completed,” says Steinmeier. “What kind of world awaits us in the twenty-first century will look like the world of tomorrow, these questions remain open”, – says the head of the German foreign Ministry.

Steinmeier warns that in the period of change of power, there is doubt, uncertainty, a lot of questions about the course of the new leadership, and today “much at stake”. The post atonement not only trump, but his team, said the German Minister.

“We will seek dialogue and bring our attitude, our values and interests to the new administration. We want to very clearly convey our ideas and our expectations to strengthen the partnership between Europe and the USA,” he wrote.

“I know we must prepare for difficult times, for some unpredictability and uncertainty. But I bet we’ll find in Washington attentive listeners who understand that even the big countries are also in need of partners, and is ready to go with good friends and reliable allies.